Requesting an Extension or Due Date Change

Payment extensions allow you to defer a payment or two until a later date.?A payment extension is a service provided to our customers to assist them in resolving a temporary financial burden. Prior to granting a payment extension, a review of the account is performed.

To request a payment extension, please contact?Customer Service.?Accounts may be eligible to request and process an extension online. Please visit the Services tab within our?Account Manager?site to determine if your account is eligible.

Please know, Finance Charges, or interest, will continue to accrue on your account if you executed a simple interest contract (excluding 0% APR contracts) and will be due with your next payment even though you are extending a payment. Your next payment will be applied first to any earned and unpaid interest and then to other amounts you owe. Because of the extension, your unpaid Amount Financed, or the principal balance, may not be reduced as rapidly as it would have under your original payment schedule. This may result in you owing more interest over the term of your contract than originally disclosed on your contract.

If you are unable to complete an extension/due date change online, or the requested terms do not meet your needs, please contact?Customer Service.

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